Aurora Order Incomplete


Hi, I have only received one of the two perks I ordered from the Aurora crowdfunding on Indigogo…
I contacted numerous times and haven’t gotten a reply…
I need help!


Hi, what’s your problem for detail?


That I havent received all the products I’ve ordered and the support doesnt reply either


Hello, could you please provide your Contribution ID? Thanks.


Sure, the thing is I contributed twice and have no idea which order was delivered and which wasnt.
The IDs are 534 and 535


Could you please tell me how many Aurora have you received, and how many Extension have you received?


2 Auroras and 6 extensions, half of what I ordered


Any updates? Sorry if I’m bothering you but I’ve been waiting for a while now


Hello, sorry for the delay reply. We were on holidays during the past 4 days. Please confirm if your shipping address is still the same as left on Indiegogo. We will ship the rest of the order to you. Thanks.


Yeah it is, thanks a lot for your help!