Yeelight and Xiaomi gateway problem

Hi everyone.

I have 2 yeelight led bulb bought from China, and today i got Xiaomi Aqara Gateway which was bought in EU. When i try connect Gateway in Mi home, everything its ok with German servers. But when i choice german server there is not listed my yeelight bulb… And when i change server to China, i can find Yeelight, but then dont found Gateway…

Any idea how to fix this problem, if its possible…

Ty all, and sorry for my english

Unfortunately there is no way. You need Chinese gateway or European bulbs… :frowning:

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Are German server on Yeelight and the European server on Mi Home the same servers?? I know they are different servers, aren’t they? So I suppose also with European Gateway and Yeelight European bulb there will be the issue.

I think they are the same. When you add device (bulb) in Yeelight you see it in MiHome and vice versa.

Yes, you are right with chinese version of both. But I don’t know if it’s the same for European server. In the past I asked here an someone told me the server were different.