Yeelight Ceiling Light 650 - no default state Ambient light

Hi there,

Like the title said. Everytime i switch it off, with the app or the wall Switch, it never saves the previously saved state of the Ambient light. Hope we can get a fixed Firmware:-)

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There’s a feature of “Default State”, Please try set “Auto On upon power resumption” on and “Save Light State Automatically” on, and try again.

I have tested from our lab, it works well.

I tested it and it wont work, like i said before.
The device i have to add is the marked in the picture or not? I got a 650mm Ceiling light.

Very frustrated at the moment :confused:

Which firmware you got on your lamp?
Mi ID is 1743963070

No tips? :frowning:

Latest version is 1.5.9_0053, please have a check.

Hi, i will Test it, when its available on the german Server. Is there a Date?

Still not available :confused:

Can you upload the newer firmware please to the german server? can’t be so hard :slight_smile:

Waiting over 4 weeks for a solution, to keep my Ambient light on, after the wall switch is on.