1% too bright and 100% not bright enough

1% too bright and 100% not bright enough (in homekit) what the hell??? It’s been half a year now. I need my yeelight bulbs to work with homekit automation and Siri. Don’t say siri shortcut. You have to stick with one specific phrase and cannot say it wrong. It’s inconvenient to share it with other family members’ devices. And shortcut works slow on apple watch. I have to setup multiple siri shortcuts which include one scene in Yeelight app to make sure every room can get the maximum brightness for daily use. It really bothers me for so long.

Why is this so hard to make the brightness finally works as it should be???

Yes, they just posted that they will not be fixing the light dimming issue (though some people were invited to a beta that fixed the light dimming issue, bit made the colors less accurate) I say we must all demand at least access to the beta firmware.

And I found a ridiculous bug recently. I got two bulbs which were bought one after another within a month. They were the same generation and on same firmware. But after I bound them as a group and set the same red color, I found the saturation of each bulb was slightly different!!! How could that be??

That is crazy, are they different model numbers, I imagine if not then one is defective or just QA is done poorly.