Mi lamp bedside 2

i used MI bedside lamp 2 (the new one) for few weeks and it worked with my app.
(i got it from website called banggood) .
a few days ago, the lamp started changing colours by itself, and even when it was off- it turned ON by itself!
i then checked and i can’t connect to it anymore with the app. i tried reset it, but after pressing for 5 sec, the light keeps flashing and changing, and i think it suppose to turn to white. so the rest is weird, and i can’t see it on the list of devices on the app.
so i can’t connect to it, and i don’t see it on the wifi list

please help

Seems a hardware issue, please contact your retailer for a replacement or refund

thanks for the answer. i wrote them, and they won’t give me replacement or refund …
its a new lamp and now its just a waste…
yeelight can help me replace?