Quit factory mode app

Hi, I’m trying to get the app from different links but all of them don’t work. Can anybody help?

You can get application of quit factory from the link: http://android-dev.yeelight.com/factory.apk


Hi, it’s not working.

did you ever get this to work? I was able to download it but still can’t reset my new lights. Thanks

Hi, actually i did . Try again don’t give up.

Thanks. I got one to work but can’t reproduce for the other two. There seems to be a very specific sequence. Did you end up having to connect directly the hotspot of the light itself? Interestingly I just did a firmware upgrade and the other older two went offline and seemed to be in a similar situation but I got them back easier.

I realy don’t remember the details, it was a year ago. I just followed instructions and it worked.

Hello dingyichen i am having the same issue with mjtd01yl i have downloaded the app that u suggested but without any luck i couldnt set it to quit factory mode . auto fix doesnt set the hotspot , i tried the manual hotspot but even with that option the button doesnt do anything
can u provide an updated apk