Not able to add music mode to a group

Hey team
So i googled everything and still wasn’t able to find a way to add the music mode to the group of my LED strip lights.

I want to play music and want both the lights to react to it.

I have another doubt, is there a way to activate the music mode through google home? If yes, what’s the command? Also, would Google home be able to hear music for the LED’s to react?

You can create a group from Yeelight application, and you will find feature of music mode in settings.

No, if so, there’s no audio record to send command to the lamp.

Hey i have looked everywhere in settings i cannot find music mode is there a turorial you can provide? I see preset of scenes option to customise your own , flow colors but no music option

Please click right-bottom button, you will see more options.

Nothing visible on my android app.