IFTT Set scene - There was a problem processing the request

Title says it all. When setting up a Yeelight action in IFTT to set a scene, the error occurs. Can someone from Yeelight please look into this, or if someone can help get around this problem? Thanks.

Had fixed some bugs,please reconnect XIAOMI account,and try again.
Very sorry for this.

After I reconnected the Yeelight account in IFTT, I’m able to chose a custom scene. I’ll check if it’s working later.


I successifully created an IFTT based on if Sunrise/Sunset Do my custom scene “White”/“Soft White”.
Before that bug fix, I was given error whenever I try to chose a custom scene.

I confirm scenes are working in IFTT. All my Yeelight White v2 just switched from scene “white” to scene “soft white”

Remember. All the lights that are included in the Yeelight app scene and they are turned on from the hardware switch, are going to change when the sunset comes.