Bulb not showing in the list

Hi, hi have the yeelight led buld color v2, and recently the device stopped showing in the app i tried to reset, and connect again. When the pair finish, the divice did not appeared on the list.

Having the same problem. I deleted my old bulbs from the list (they were working at the time) and then tried to add them again, but after it says that the pairing is complete they do not appear in the devices list.


We fixed the issue of wrong prompt of connection, please have a try with new version, 3.199 :


And if you have issues with connection, please have a check:

1、When connection fails, please have a check if the device is connected to your router.

2、If yes, you can have a try change DNS of your router to and try connect again.



I tried all of that. Installed the beta app, still did not work.

Tried to uninstall the beta app, now the Google Play store won’t let me download it again.

Do you have any other solution for this? Thank you!