Yeelight LED Bulb Color v2 get stuck at 25%

I own a Yeelight LED Bulb Color v2 and I have installed the app Yeelight from the apple store.
Every time I try to configure the device with the app it always get stuck at 25 % and after a few second I see a connection failed message.

I have tried diferent server (Germany, EEUU, Singapure) and I have tested with my iPhone 5 and iPad 2.
The ssid / password of my wifi only have letter and numbers.

In any case, whenever it fails, I can see that the device has connected to my wifi, I can see it in the dhcp list and I can ping the device.

Please help !!

Thanks in advance

Try change DNS of your router to and connect again.

RESOLVED: set - US - logged on using - added light - logged out - logged into China mainland with my account - light works - logged out - logged into Singapore server - connected lights… now working.

Is this the only solution? Changing the DNS server?

Could you please whitelist my account? I had it all setup first go this afternoon. Then it stopped.

I have tried an iPhone XS, iPhone 6s. Uninstalled, reinstalled, reset wifi, router. Always 2.4GHZ. Phones only connected on 2.4.

I can connect to the device every time, but fails at 25%… about 15 times, various combinations of resets.

Singapore server. Account 6187438233

I have tried the US server, it failed.

There’s no whitelist to resolve the issue, there’s something error to access xiaomi cloud, maybe your ISP server block it. So when you add google’s DNS to your router, most of time it works.