Yeelight LED bulb not connecting to yeelight app

Hi there. So i’ve just received my new yeelight led bulb because i want to upgrade my room into an automated one but the problem is, as soon as i’ve downloaded the yeelight app, I cannot register or add my unit to the app. It just shows that i’ve completed the process successfully but as soon as I press the ok button to finish the set up wizard, there is still no device shown on the app. I’ve repeated the process for the nth time but still no device. One more problem is that i cannot connect my unit with the MI home app but as i’ve read other forums, i think this is normal. I just want to connect my unit to the yeelight app because right now it is just a normal light bulb. Thank you if you could help.

Btw, i am from Philippines and i’m connected to china mainland server for your info