Bedside Lamp 2 Homekit Setup Code Incorrect

It seams there is an issue with batches released on Jan 2019. Is there nothing that can be done other than disposing of this product? I purchased it because of HomeKit integration. The CN seller has stopped responding to my emails. Can this be fixed if I send someone the child device MAC address? Very annoying…

Where did you buy the lamp? Please give us the link we will contact him/her for a replacement.

And please provider your mac address of the lamp.

Hello and thank you for replying. I shop using shopee app. Their shop named is “” at You may search for that shop at that site. I have also requested their contact information through chat. I am waiting for their reply.

Here is the MAC address: 7C:49:EB:65:88:5A

My request is that I hope you can provide me with a generic HomeKit code like the one you did on another post here (11122333). Everything works fine in Mi Home and Yeelight app. I only need it to connect to HomeKit. I already have 3 2nd gen Bedside Lamps in HomeKit.

Thank you