LED always become Flow mode when power on

Hi guys, i am setting up the v2 lightstrip LED in my new place. (having 6 x 2m lightstrip starter kit in different areas)

All firmware updated to latest, all with the same settings like:
Resume state on power on
Resume last color

1 of them is very strange today. I am unable to set a default Color (like white or orange), it seems to only be able to remember Scenes like “Home, Sunrise, Sunset”.

Whenever I try to set a fixed color from the color pallete, it becomes the disco Flow mode every time i turn on the LED master switch. Any advice? It seems to be a software bug?

anybody can help?

How about reset the strip ?

im trying to find a solution where i dont have to reset the strip because i may not be able to reach the button (hidden in carpentry), is there a way to reset from the power switch?

Is the strip online from Yeelight application? If yes, you can reset the lamp by delete it (Swipe lamp card left).

yes its online…but if u look at what i mentioned in my 1st post, it seems to be a software bug right?

(being able to save default scene but not able to save default color)

shouldn’t this be a fix from the app?

I have reset the led and re-added it to the app but sometimes after i turn it on for a few seconds, it started going into flow mode again! please help!