Working Motion Sensor?


So far so good with my YeeLight colour bulbs (gen1) however just purhcased 2 more for my stairway which has no natural light, I wanted to make these ones motion activated, so I was wondering if there is any sort of battery powered sensor that will trigget the Yeelight using something such as IFTTT? But only between certain hours? Is this possible? If so what’s the smallest motion sensor that will be compatible?


There is Aqara motion sensor, it is compatible with Xiaomi eco-sytem. But you need the gateway (hub) which can be bought for approx. 25$… (

Ahh that’s a shame, wanted to avoid a hub! Just see, expensive to get for what I will use one for!

It pays off if you want to have more devices later.

Yeah just looking at the cheapest, think it’s the ikea tradfri so not bad price and suppose it may come in handy in the future!

You’d need Xiaomi gateway… I don’t think Ikea would work.

Even if both are Zigbee compatible?

Yes. zigbee is only a protocol. Each device/hub has it’s own set of commands etc