Device Offline Issues

Like what many others have reported I am having problems with my lights randomly going offline and my setup has become very unreliable and practically useless. Because of this I am receiving a lot of hate from people in my house. I have a total of 12 YLDP06YL light bulbs and all of them randomly go offline several times a day.

So, to those who had (and fixed) this issue I would be interested to know what you did to eliminated the problem. And to those who never had such issue I would also like to know which Wifi router you are using.

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

How many devices(lamps, pc, phones) connected to your router in all?

Around ~27 max connected simultaneously. ~44 devices in total (including disconnected).

I am not sure if your router has the ability to support these devices online at the same time. Please have a check.

My router supports 32 simultaneous connections for each band (2.4 & 5.0), so I’m counting out that possibility at the moment. But I’m interested to know what routers others (not having this issue) are using, or how others who had the same problem fixed it. I’m willing to buy a new router, if that guarantees fixing the problem. At this point I’d like to hear others’ input first before making that move. Thanks.

That is theoretical maximal number of connections… your car also “supports” driving 240km/h but in reality you’ll hardly ever manage to go 200km/h :slight_smile:

I also had problems of devices going sometimes offline until I got another router and use my old one as dedicated miHome router. Both routers are ASUS.

Yes, of course I know that. But 27 simultaneous connections have never been a problem when other devices are connected. I am also testing with my old router right now and so far the lights are staying online. Will observe for 24 hours and report back.

Using another wifi router seems to have fixed an issue. Previously the lights were connected to my fiber modem / router.