Can't Reset yeelight ceiling

Hi, after read the thread:

seems that my ceiling has the same problem and stays on factory configuration. The light turn on by itself and change also the bright as it want.

i create a wifi hotspot with values:
Hotspot configuration:
SSID: miio_default
Password: 0x82562647
Security: WPA2_PSK

and yeelight connect to it, but i’m not able to download the application using the thread link (seems not available):


Could you give some solution?

Thanks, best regards.

Sorry, the link has been changed, please use this link:

Thanks, after download and use it, i’ve been able to reconnect to my wifi again.

Hi. I believe I have my three new blubs in factory mode, I set up the hotspot but they never connect. I do see their own yeelight… wifi appearing but I can see them when scanning and it still does the multi light then white blink when resetting.