Turn Light A on, Turn Light B off, and Vice Versa

Hello, in Google Home I’ve setup routines that turn light bulbs on while turning off others (and vice versa). This approach works only ~ 70% of the time and not fully reliable.

Does anyone have other suggestions on accomplishing what I want? 3rd party integration is Ok.


I have two lights in the living room and one in the staircase. When I turn on the living room lights, I’d like the one in staircase to turn off automatically. While turning on the light in the staircase turns off the ones in the living room.

Any ideas?

How do you trigger the action, with voice?

Yes, by voice.

You can add a scene bundle from Yeelight application, one is “Turn A on, Turn B off”, the other is “Turn A off, Turn B on”. These scenes can be found by GH/Alexa, then you can control by voice. take GH for example: ok google, turn on .

Alright, I’ll try that out. Thanks for your reply. Haven’t explored scenes yet and will look into it.

I’ve created a test scene bout couldn’t find it in the GH app. Where can I find it?

Say to GH: “ok google, sync my devices”