Can't connect my Yeelight to Google Home


Hello. I have changed server of my light from Germany to Singapore and I thought that now it will work with Google Home and I will be able to connect it and use its commands. But there was an error. When I am connecting Yeelight to Google home, it says after authorisation that ‘’ Accounts are linked now’’ but then nothing follows. I can’t set my rooms or things like that. Can you help me some way?


Thank you


Hm… No answer?


got the same issue.
still waiting for them to reply after a month :frowning:


@yusure please help take a look at the issue.


@fpetru104 @atb1983
Sorry, I’m late, about this issue, please try below steps:

  1. try clear GoogleHome App cache.
  2. try default browser cache on mobile phone.
  3. re-link Xiaomi account on GoogleHome App.

If still doesn’t work, please let me know.

Yeelight work with Google Home

Yes, same issue :frowning:


Hi Alex,

Please show me your Xiaomi ID, let me check for you.



Hi Scott, thanks for your quick response
my id is: 1598981088


Sorry, I did’t find any logs, could you record a video for me ?


videos sent. thanks yusure


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your video, I found this root cause, I guess you used different account, you should use “1598981088” instead of email to login.


image image


Hi Yusure, thanks for your time, I was able to link the device now :).