Google Home - Oops, Can't Connect to the light

Initially had 2 x Yeelight2 LED Bulb II Colour that worked absolutely fine for more than 6 months on Yeelight App and Google Home with voice too. Recently added new 2 x LED Bulb II White to two different rooms. Works fine on both Yeelight and Google Home with voice but now the earlier 2 x Bulbs (colour) work only on Yeelight but not on Google Home. Neither the app nor voice activation works anymore on the 2 Colour bulbs. Please help.
Yeelight App ID: 1857088818


Please have a try to say “Okay Google, sync my devices”.

Hey, I had tried it already twice before after reading your other forum messages. But even that didn’t help. When giving Sync command , Google home says “An error occurred while syncing devices, the account owner will need to sync Yeelight”

Ok got this working. In the Google home I deleted the other accounts such as my wife’s and then I unliked the Yeelight account. Now with only one account in Google home I reconnected my Yeelight and now it works fine…

Very happy to learn that works.