Suggestions for future bulb versions


No, we have not released Yeelight Color Bulb II, where did you see? could you paste a link of that?


Will it be this year or does it take longer?


Original Xiaomi Yeelight Blue II LED Smart Bulb (Color) E27 9W 600 Lumens Mi Light Xiaomi Mijia Smart Phone WiFi Remote Control
(from AliExpress Android)


Yes, it will be ready this year.


Can I suggest you change the shape of your bulb (the part where the light comes from) so it can match the ones from Philips for instance ? I have seen another vendor with the same design as Philips, it seems more efficient.

The end of the Philips bulb is not straight as yours. Thanks to that the beam is much wider and can even cast some light behind the bulb. Not just in front or on the side.

Philips bulb looks like this: \ /
Yeelight bulb looks like this: | |

I hope you understand what I mean please confirm :slight_smile:


Could you post some pictures?


yes of course:

Another brand doing this kind of shape:


Is it possible to reduce the minimum brightness (along with an increase in maximum brightness)? I am using the sunrise function to wake up in the morning, and the lowest brightness is quite a big jump from darkness.


Sorry, the brightness can’t be lower because of the hardware.


understood, looking forward to the new bulb now just running out of places to put them :slight_smile:


hey guys. i am interesting into buying some yeelight bulbs but there is no point of doing that when you say that a new one should be out since July. It is almost September and no news about the new bulbs. is there any chance that you can enlight us with some news about the release date? will it be on September or December? i don’t want to pay now for a product that will become old in a few weeks.

by now we know that the new bulbs will be brighter (which is good because the current bulbs are not that bright) and that the white color temp will be different. any changes in the design?


looking forward to the new 2nd gen bulbs. hope yeelight will name it appropriately to easily differentiate the old and new.
don’t do dumbshit like microsoft calling xbox 1 and kinect 2. confusing as heck.


Have you seen my suggestion about the shape of the bulb ?

See post #27:


hey guys, any news about the v2 rgb bulbs? i need to order a few bulbs and i don’t know what to do.
the current bulbs don’t have enough lumen for my space


The new bulb is under pilot production, you may have to wait for 1 more month


is there any way that we can have more info on the bulb (watts, lumens, size)? maybe even an example of the new shape?


9w, 800 lumens, about the same size and shape as the current one.


Hm that is a bit low. I hoped for something like 15W and 1300 lumens. Thanks though for sharing this!


I’m just curios… is there a v3 coming out any soon? :slight_smile:

I’ll also rather wait few weeks than having smaller brightness.