Stuck at iphone is connecting to server with a red X

I connected to the bulb and clicked the wifi. Then It goes to 25% and gets stopped at “iphone is connecting to server”

I tried a few times and two different phones, and turning the switch on 5 times. I also pinged and it was reaching

Can you see your bulb in your router’s DHCP client list? Also, please make sure your type the correct password and ssid.

If you use Apple Router, there would be some compatibility issue, please use another router or your phone as hotspot to connect and upgrade your firmware.

Thanks for your reply. How do I see my router’s DHCP client list? password is correct, but I never had to input any SSID

Type router local ip address ( or sth else) on browser(safari , chrome ,opera or ie).Then press enter key(your keyboard).You will see a window to type your router manager id and password.Then press confirm button to go to the router management page. Click DHCP Server/client list.Now you will see client list.Check your bulb is in this list.

This is the page you input your SSID(like Yeelink-5G).

Hi. Thanks so much for your help. It turns out I had input the wrong SSID…! It never told me it was incorrect, so I thought that was not the issue. Connected on first try.

Thank you.