Strange bug Mi 6 + yeelight bulbs music mode

I have noticed that there is some weird bug when using Xiaomi Mi6 phone and yeelight music mode. If I reboot phone and try ASAP to turn on music mode for group or single bulb it sometimes works, but it is 50/50. If I turn off music mode and trying to turn on again it does not allow showing failed message. I have tried to use older app versions and noticed that everything fine works only with Version 2.3.20 or earlier. I have tried to do same actions with old android phone Asus Zenphone and everything is working ok, no issues. I am using 2.4 Ghz network and single WLAN. I have tried to reboot router, bulbs, phone already few times. Also tried to change wifi SID channel (in case on interference with neighbors)
Could you please investigate it and fix this issue.