Sizzling noise and worried about safety of the product

I have one bulb on the top of my room for a little while now. I decide to purchase 2 more and add another mood on my room an so i did. So today i got them and i installed them! But i notice a sizzling noise from the one bulb i have set to almost half brightness yellowish color. After that i tested with the others and i found that the bulbs are not only doing that noise but are too hot. So my question is…is that normal? To give you understand the noise is similar to a phone fast charger.Can someone from the dev team give answer to that for sure? The room temp is about 27 Celsius (80 F). Thanks in advance! Here are some video examples one two


Same situation for me too, got one bulb then order two more to find that the original bulb is going extremely hot after not that long turning on and then switching itself off every minute to try and control the heat,

I believe it is a fault on the lights that Yeelight seriously should look at.

i hope mine doesn’t start restarting as well…if yes i’ll ask refund from the shop