Simultaneous woking app's Mi Home and Yeelight


Can you please let me know if it’s possible to work with the same light RGB on this two apps?
The idea is to be able to use the Mi home with all the configurations available and work with Yeelight linked to Google assistant with voice control and the Music scene control on this app

Is this possible ??

Thank you and best regards

no you can’t because voice control needs Singapore server and xiaomi’s gateway supports Mainland china only.

you can use the bulbs via mi home and yeelight at the same time but they need to be on Mainland China

Hello But my setup is already set to Mainland China but I’m not able to use or to add the same device to booth app’s Mi Home and yeelight … when I try one of the apps give my a error time out … and I can’t setup on the booth applications I’m using the V3.0 yeelight and the last available Mi home

Thank you for your reply Best regards

try to reset the bulb. find the bulb through the mi app then login to yeelight app with the same account in mainland china… and you should see it there too

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Thank you now it’s working properly

But I still with a issue to control the lights with the Google assistance

Can you please let me know what I have to do in order to solve this?

Thank and best regards

check my previous answer and you will find out why this is not possible.

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Ok thank you! Now I understand “voice control needs Singapore server”

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