Set_ct_abx on Yeelight Mijia Desk Lamp

I’m using the API to control the yeelight devices (see attached).

With the Yeelight RGB bulb, everything works as expected.

With the Yeelight Mijia Desk Lamp, I have the problem, that the set_ct_abx method returns the error ‘method not supported’.

However with the set_adjust I’m able to increase/decrease the CT value.

Is that a bug in the Mijia Firmware? if yes, can that be fixed? Is there another way to set a specific CT?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards


Ah… It’s firmware bug, will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry.

okay, great.
BTW: meanwhile I found a workaround by using the set_scene() API call. If you use it with the parameters ‘ct’,<new_ct_value>,<current_brightness> it is possible to set the CT to each value between 2700 and 6500.