Set brightness and color

Hello. I tried to set a default color and brightness of the lamp but when i turn off and turn on either using the button or the app for android the lamp turns the light with another set.
Furthermore if i change the color or the brightness (without setting default value) and turn off, when i turn on the lamp again doesn’t keep the last set.
Could you please tell me how can i set a default value?

It works if your power on the bulb with wall switch.

really that’s your answer ? I’m surprised.

@madamx - for my RGB v2 (800lm) bulb - although I have my default color set ( to red ) I can set any other color -> turn off -> turn on and the last (what-so-ever-color) will retain/stays the same, ALL USING THE APP ( not wall switch ).
when I toggle power through wall switch - the color it comes back to is the one I set with set_default command ( i.e default state ) that I’ve set in advanced.

i’m using v0027 firmware and conencted to GERMANY server.
check that you’re on latest app version, check firmware and change server.

The default state works only if the electricity has been cut with a wall switch. If you use the app, the bulb will recover its last setting in terms of color and brightness.
I think that if you want to have a particular lighting condition while turning on your bulb with the app, you should go to the Customization section, create your light according to your need, then go to Scene section, then create a new one with the custom light created previously. After that, you can use the scene to turn on your lamp with the desired setting. You can also turn your lamp on by voice command by saying Activate “your scene name”