Scheduling not working properly

First of all: Yeelight made some nice products!

I have some Yeelight RGBW lamps and I really love them, but 1 have encountered one problem that’s bothered me: Scheduling. So for example: settings are:
Name of the schedule 1: Weekend
Repeat: (custom) Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Start time: 16.30
End time: 02:00

Name of schedule 2: day’s
Repeat: (custom) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Start time: 17:00
End time: 00:30

The problem I have is that Yeelight ALWAYS starts on 16:30 and ends on 00:30
So, what’s wrong???

Hi, we will take a look at it, please provide more information to us:
1、Which platform do you use, Android or IOS? Yeelight app or Mihome?
2、Does it start on 16:30 and end on 00:30 everyday or someday?
3、Could you provider you Mi ID?


1: Android (Mi MAX) and Yeelight
2: It starts on 16:30 and end on 00:30 every day
3: 1668057353

You can take: Yeelight color BULB3 as example

Also de bulb: TV have the problem that when it is in my country (Netherlands) the day is Thursday and the end time for Thursday is set to 00:00, de scheduling takes the time set of FRIDAY! so in my case, it will shutdown on 02:00. I think this is because of the Singapore time??? In Singapore the time is +8 hours.

Is there any solution yet?

We are working on it, please be patient.

Did you already have a solution?