Restore Yeelight

Anyone knows another way to restore the Yeelight color bulb? i tried many times switch on/off 5 times in a row but it doesnt work at all.
when i switch on/off the lamp just start blinking in white (3-4 times) then it turns into a shade of many colors, and So infinitely but never stops.

Please Help.

What’s your power voltage? please check the voltage that the bulb supports.

Is 220 V

It seems the device is in factory mode, could you drop a mail to, i will send you an android application to help u to quit factory.

sure, thanks

Weird, could you please take a video and send us for analysis?

Sure, but How can i send you a Video?

You can put it on youtube or any other web that I can access.

Here is the video.

ps, one person of the staff already send me an app (via e-mail) to restore the bulb, but i dont know how to use it.

Could you switch your bulb to another plug and try? It looks like something wrong with the power supply.

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Hi, i’ve trying in three different ceeling plugs and one desk lamp, all the same problem.

It seems hardware issue. Please contact the retailer to get replacement.

Really? Actually i could connect the lamp twice but for some reason (maybe change the place) disconnected, thats why i want to restore.

i have a problem, my retailer do not do replacement or refunds :confused:

Why don’t you put it back to the place where it used to work?