Remember a color

Hello everyone,
Here is my problem: I use a yeelight bulb color in the living room. In the evening, I use a light blue night to watch movies. But when I turn the lamp on again in the morning, the night blue color is still there when I want a white light. I tried with the option ‘default light’ but it does not work.
How to do?

Just save colors to favorites?.. how do you turn on/off the light?

In live with yeelight or mihome appli.
If I turn it off, I do not want to find the last color used but a white color each time I turn it on again with the app

I understand… there is option “save default light” in settings, maybe that? I was also trying to make something like this, but with mono bulb with brightness. I couldn’t come to anything else but to make schedule to turn it to a scene at a certain time, and then turn it off…

but maybe somebody knows a better way?

I tried “save default ligh”
but it does not work