Problem with yeelight and google home

i can’t connect my yeelight led color with my ggogle home mini

mi ID 1711596752

@yusure Please help with the issue.

Could’t sync devices on GoogleHome app? have display error info?

Hi, I just bought two YLDP02YL and they were installed correctly with the MiHome App in the Singapore Server, but now I’m trying to add the devices to Google Home Mini and when I try to connect to the YeeLight Actions it shows only a blank screen with the address on the top (I live in Portugal, my MI ID is: 1609626806). Can you help?

Hi again … Nevermind, it’s working. Did nothing diferent but started working the Xiaomi Account site. Thanks anyway!

Same my problem cannot connect to my Google home mini it shows only link successful but after that doesn’t show anything

Please show me your MI ID, thanks.

1677712043 mi id

Which server does your devices connect ?