Problem with the colorflow mode

i’m writing a app on the android.
i managed to get the bulb worked with the hsv,the the rgb change. but i just can’t get the color flow mode working.
when bulb is on,every time i send a start command ,the answer is always {“id”:4, “error”:{“code”:-5000,“message”:“general error”}}.
i just can’t find the meaning of the response in the manual.
surprisingly, when the bulb is “software” off.the command gets a successful response.however,
when i use “get_prop” the param “flowing”,it is always 0.
could u pls help me out?

Please past your flow command here, we will take a look.

like the way u did in the android demo.
i just define a command string
private static final String CMD_START_CF = “{“id”:%id,“method”:“start_cf”,“params”:[0,2,”%value"]}\r\n";

define a flow color value string
private static final String ColorFlow=“5000,1,65535,50,5000,7,0,0”;

before i write the command i would use a function to replace the color value string :
CMD_START_CF.replace("%id", String.valueOf(++mCmdId)).replace("%value", ColorFlow);

that’s all .ths

I got it, there is a firmware bug for “pause” tuple. The brightness can’t be 0.
Please change the last zero in your command to “x” where x!=0.


it seems worked . i just forgot to reply.
hv a good day!