Problem with pairing more than 2 Yeelight RGB E27

I am using for a while the Mi Smart Home devices, combining sensors, yeelights and switches.
Really amazing products and never got any issue until now.
Since yesterday one of my Yeelight LED Bulb (Color) have gone offline.
I read all the manuals and restarted the bulb and I can even see the WiFi name of it, but unfortunately when I am trying pair them with the Yeelight/Mi Home app, it goes to 100% and than tell me to reset them again.
I did it almost 10 times, standing near the switch and restarting the bulb while waiting every 2 seconds before on and off but nothing works.
I even changed the bulbs to see what’s making the problem, and I made a connection succesful with the same bulb on a different room and a succesful connection with the one I switched.
After 2 minutes - it gone offline again (same room different bulb).
I do have only 3 bulbs, and it seems like it’s now letting me only 2. Is it possible?
Do you guys know what can I do or what do I miss?

Thanks in advance!!

I had a similar problem but with 2 bulbs and not 3. My problem got solved. I have added 2 more bulbs without any problem. Here’s what you can try:
Disconnect all other devices and connect only one bulb and see.
Assign a Static IP (Internal) to the bulb in discussion.
Change the 2.4GHz channel of your router.

For me changing the router did it. What router are you using?

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Hey Bhikram,
So I did manage to find a solution:

  1. I turned off the router
  2. Took my iPhone and made a hotspot with the the same credentials of my router
  3. Connected successfully the bulb to my hotspot through another phone
  4. Disconnected the hotspot and connected the router again.

Worked like a charm

Thank you !

Glad I could help! Yeelight systems are on 2.4GHz. I have 4 lights, August Lock, Bluetooth headphones, keyboard, mice etc in the same room. Imagine the interferance!