Please create or provide yeelight wall switch


Do you need a neutral wire?


What Aqara switch to buy in order to let it work with the Yeelight bulbs?

I can’t tell the difference between these two:


Neither. Those are for NORMAL bulbs. They are wired. You need WIRELESS SWITCH.


Can it be mounted into the wall?


It can be glued onto the wall, it is pretty light…


Are you sure I can’t use the wired version? Because if they only work with normal bulbs, why wouldn’t you just use a regular switch?


If you have normal bulb, how would you control it from mobile phone? If you have WiFi bulb, why would you need another smart switch if the bulb can be controlled directly?

They ofcourse work with WiFi bulbs, but when you turn OFF Wifi bulb it is no longer smart because you can’t control it, there is no need for 2 levels of smart :slight_smile:

So, Wireless switch - smart bulb. Wired switch - normal bulb.


I understand. It just sucks that I can’t put the switch inside of my wall nicely.


Will the Aqara switches work with the Yeelight Galaxy 650?