Please create or provide yeelight wall switch

I have some yeelight RGBW. There are awesome.

But they didn’t passed the Wife Acceptance Factor … If i stop my yeelight with the regular wall switch => they are OFF.
I can’t get them back on without using the regular wall switch.

Is it possible to add / create wall switch in order to simply shutdown yeelight instead of power them off ?
Why not add wall mount for your “Yeelight Remote Control” and add bulb compatibility


If you want to turn on Yeelight Bulbs without the normal wall switch, you can buy a Xiaomi Gateway and a Aqara wall mounted switch or wireless switch and create a scene saying (if button pressed - turn on Yeelight bulb) this only works if you have the Mi Home App.

Here are images

Wall mounted: (if you have a normal wall switch single you won’t be able to mount the 2 keys and the opposite also)

Wireless: (here you don’t have limitation with the keys and you can stick it wherever you want, it’s not necessary to replace the normal switch)

Still too complex, needs Gateway (smaller problem) and Mi Home (bigger problem)… it would be perfect if the wall switch could control the bulb directly. Faster as well, I suppose (using LAN control)

Miquel, with the Gateway it works fine. used it for quite some time. now resettet almost all of the light to reconnect with different account and different server. (for use with google home - works great in Germany)

unfortunatly, somehow i don’t manage it to let it work with the singapur server (for google home/alexa + account 1) and mainland china in MiHome app for gateway.

does anyone have a solution for make it work?

One option but isn’t cheap is the Logitech Pop and use it with IFTTT

That platform is getting down. Not recommend.

Also, IFTTT is SLOW. There needs to be LAN (local) control.

LAN control will be supported in next release.

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thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face:
But i’m a noob in connected house.
What do you mean by " LAN control will be supported", you are developping a switch ? or IFFTT with LAN support ?

Probably from Yeelight app. that’s what they have been promising for v3.
It’s nice and needed, but we are talking about physical switches here :slight_smile:

First of all, i don’t want to send my request to the other side of the earth just to shutdown my two meters away bulb :slight_smile:
Then, only geek will use the App to shutdown bulb and if you want to be used you have to be simple as possible.


I have the Mi Gateway and wireless switches too, they work with Zigbee protocol so the switch sends the signal to the gateway locally and the gateway shuts down the bulb.

I have three switches, sensors and scenes to control Yeelight bulbs. Unfortunately using them with Mi home App doesn’t let me control them via IFTTT. And If I setup the bulbs with Yeelight App they can’t be controled with the switches or Mi Gateway.

That is exactly the problem! I want to use Yeelight app AND have way to control them via IFTTT AND have a switch. I don’t care if I have to buy a gateway (even though it is more complex - I simply can’t see why a switch which has wifi wouldn’t be able to communicate directly to the bulb!) but being forced to use MiHome is key issue.

Yes, I agree. It would be great if Yeelight launched it’s own switch.
Also remember that Mijia platform enable devices from different brands to work togheter, that’s why a lot of them need the gateway anyway.

What do you mean by that? “Logitech Pop” or “IFTTT”?

I mean Logitech Harmony.

Thanks for clarification.

Yes, lan control will be supported in v3. Will open testing channel next month. Stay tuned!

I was looking for a switch as well but the mi home gateway solution i agree is too complex tho. Good to know the team is working on a local protocol :slight_smile:

I just bought 8 bulbs and I love them, I love the Google home integration as well, even tho you should allow to control an entire bulb group from gAssistant. I’ll stay tuned waiting for a compatible button switch for yeelight without the mi stuff

I’m using bluetooth tag tracker(s) as a switch :slight_smile:

A wall switch would be great for controlling old downlights etc