Persistent "Push Service" notification by Yeelight App


First of all I have to say to all the developers of this project that you are making a wonderful job. I am still waiting for my new Yeelight RGB bulbs and for my lights trip to come from GearBest to Italy and I can’t wait to test them! Anyway I found a bug in the Yeelight official app on my Nexus 5X updated to Android 7.0: there is an annoying notification showing “Push Service” and it can’t be archived!

Here is a screenshot from my phone, hope you will solve it in the next release!


This seems system behavior of Android 7.0. I tried it from Nexus 6 and I saw lots of applications have a permanent notification. I found a way to make “Push Service” disappear by the ways of: 1) swipe left of “Push Service”, you will see a icon like setting. 2) click it and select “Block all notifications”, and “Done”. This would also block notification of Yelight controller, if you want it back, please go to Settings/All apps/Yeelight/Notifications, select another choice except “Block all”. BTW, you will not see “Push Service” again.

Will do more improvement very soon.

Yes, I noticed this workaround. Anyway it only works until you reboot your device. If you do that the persistent notification shows again.