Pairing failed

Hey folks,

i just installed my new ceiling light and tried to pair it with the yeelight iOS App.
After i put in the wifi details i can choose the ceiling light in the list. Then the pairing process starts and cancels at about 12-20% of the progress.
I did a reset of the lamp with no success for the pairing process.

After the Progress was canceled, the lamp showed up on my router‘s device list but not in the app. I can also control the lamp with alexa.

Maybe someone has an idea?

Mi ID: 1576386742


It seems there’s something wrong happened when the lamp tried to connect to your router.

Could you have a try with:

1、Setup a hotspot with your phone with the same SSID and password with your router;
2、Turn off your touter and connect your lamp to the hotspot;
3、After connection, turn off your hotspot and turn on your router;
4、Wait for a few minute to see if the lamp can connect to your router automatically;

If no, please let us know which router do you have?

Thanks for your reply.

The connection with my router should be fine, i think.
I can see the ceiling lamp in the router’s device list and can connect with alexa using the yeelight skill.

Because i have an iphone i can’t try your solution. It’s not possible to create your own SSID for the hotspot.

edit: Router is a german FritzBox 7590

As you can see the lamp in your router’s DHCP list, it means there’s something wrong with connection between your router and Mi cloud. Please have a check with your ISP if it blocks some domain of xiaomi.

Which server do you select?
Singapore: “
China mainland: “
US: “
Germany: “

Ok, i think there is an issue with the iOS App.
I just started my old android tablet and had no problems with the app.

I made a reset on the lamp and could easily add the new device without any failures.

Thanks for your support.

Hi Kirby2000,
You can control the lamp with alexa, but can not see it in iOS yeelight app?Which server did you select?

No, just the setup progress on ios seems to be buggy.

After the setup with my android tablet i can also see and control my ceiling with the ios app.

Server: Germany