Optimize connection to Chinaland server?


I have setup more then 20 Yeelight product.
Actually If i run my own scene “all light off” sometime it take 2 second to complete but some other time it take 15 seconds to be achieved. Another time it put off 15 light and another 5 is still on for minutes.
Some other time on 20 Lights can happen that 5 go off and 15 stay On.

Basically if Chiland is slow then everything in my house look like crazy.

There is any way to optimise the connectivity? Maybe some specific DNS or maybe i can open some port in order to speedup the connection?

The products cannot be used at all in my opinion in this way…


Yes, we need LAN mode to start working!

Where do you base? I suggest that you try to switch to other server that is nearer to you than China ones and see if the connection speed improved?

When i use Yeelight app, I can see lag at times but not always. I have to use China locale because of automation and Aqara. However, I’ve noticed that I’m yet to experience lag on MI app with China locale. Strange, isn’t it?

Looking forward to roll out of automation and Aqara on Singapore locale!

I’m in Italy.

i disabled “Vodafone Secure DNS” inside the Router (Vodafone Revolution) and instantly the lights moved from 15seconds to 2-3seconds to be turned Off/On.

I think is a big improvement. But still my original question remain: how i can improve the connection speed? Can i setup an VPN or any other “point-to-point” method to reduce latency? Maybe i can enable some port-forwarding?

I’m bit scared about “LAN features” because I don’t think is a good solution. Will LAN-feature work even for scheduler or trigger/autonomation feature like “if Body Sensor trigger a presence then Turn On the Lights” or “at 19:00 Turn On the Lights”?


No, LAN feature will only help the case that you issue a command in the same network as your device.

Hi, I don’t think Lan feature will affect anything like “schedule” or “trigger/autonomation” if your device can access by network. “LAN control” means if your phone and your devices are in the same network, you can control it from your local network instead of sending message to cloud, so there should be much improvement on the connection speed. As for schedule, these configuration are saved from the cloud, it will be trigged from the cloud when it is the time.


then at this point since LAN-feature will not improve cloud communication and if there are no optimisation tips (like configure Port Forwarding on the rounder or any other hacks) i can suggest to release the Cloud as a installable package in order to make everyone able to have your Own Server running at home.

A small server always-on that work with zero-latency.


We will deploy more servers in different areas.

Make sense to deploy more server in more areas, but Yeelight Server and Xiaomi Server are not the same thing. I mean, if we need home-autonomation we need “Xiaomi MiHome Kit and Yeelight Products” server in the same area. Actually Singapore just don’t have Xiaomi product (only Yeelight) and this make Singapore unuseful for most of the Users.

Please consider “Xiaomi server” as a solution, I would be happy to spend 100 dollars to buy an “in-house server” and be 100% independent from any LAG (even more, the day that my connection move down then i cannot use anything!!). Philips has a Bridge: is not a bad idea.

Thanks for your Reply.

Sorry but that doesn’t make any sense. Own server? Why, when you can run command locally through LAN? If you are on LAN, it will act immediately. If you are NOT on LAN, well, it will work through LTE or whatever and use China/Singapore cloud - but since you are NOT at home, I don’t see why 2-3 seconds delay would matter to you…

Will support all products in Singapore server.


  1. Open door to move down to the stairs
  2. 100% dark
  3. Turn On the Lights and wait 3 seconds is an issue

If you think that a kid wait 3 seconds a light to be turned On, well we are not on the same page.
All my family is hate me because the lights are slow to be turned On and Off.

Take in consideration to distribute the server (free or a premium product) or really improve the connection speed.

Hope very soon I can test it.

You can sort of address this right now with raspberry Pi and homebridge for iOS.

  1. setup everything on china locale including automation.
  2. use Apple Home with Homebridge to control yeelight without any latency.