Offline issue


If your device could come back online after power cycle in two minutes? If yes, please update firmware(latest version: 1.4.1_40) and have a try.


Unplugged and plugged in again. The blue LED indicator light blinked for a bit and then stayed steady blue. The strip still appears as off in the app and the update does not work. There’s a red (1) around “Firmware Update” in the app, which seems to indicate that the app registers that the strip has old firmware; however, update does not work. What should I do?

When I unplug the strip the app indicates “offline”; after which the app just shows “off”. So it seems like the strip is able to connect to the internet intermittently (sometimes shows off, sometimes shows offline); however, is not functional. Updates don’t work, and using the app does not turn on the strip.

  1. 1 x Strip v1 Firmware 1.4.2_0044
    8 x Colour v1 Firmware 1.4.2_0061
    9 x White v1 Firmware 1.4.2_0055

  2. Singapore

  3. Offline in Yeelight App. Do not have Yeelights in Mihome.

  4. cannot control with either Alexa or Google Home

  5. does not work for the lights that are offline

  6. Appears in list of DHCP assigned devices and ARP table, but the offline devices do not respond to a ping

  7. Comes back on line after turning off for 1 second and back on. no need to wait 2 minutes.

  8. DrayTek Vigor2132ac. 2.4Ghz 11n Only, Channel 1, Mixed (WPA+WPA2)/PSK

  9. no


any suggestions to stop lights going offline? Could it be due to the large number of devices on wifi - over 50 here?


Most type of routers support 30 ~ 40 devices online at the same time. Yes, 50 is large if you don’t have a powerful router.


Yes, most cheaper routers even “suffocate” with like 20-30 devices… I had problems with my RT-N12E_B1 with ~25 devices until I bought RT-AC58U


So I’ve setup an additional access point, and put most of my Yeelights on that. I’ll report back in a few days.


The new access point has resulted in much more stable connections, lost a couple the first 2 days then made some changes to the AP settings and its been good since!