Off light by default

Hello. I happy owner yeelight led and xiaomi aqara.
I connect yeelight to 220v directly and switch on/off only by aqara zigbee.
And i want to set default status my yeelight to «OFF».
Because if my electric company have bug and «turn off/turn on» light (in russia it is possible), all yeelight devices turn on.
If i set “Automatic state saving” in app and switch on/off electric more then 1 time, yeelight turn on.
Thank you.

Do you mean your power will be off/on for multiple times within 5 seconds? That’s really rare… I don’t think we will consider this situation, really sorry.

when you send this to your bulb

{“id”:1,“method”:“set_power”, “params”:[“off”, “smooth”, 500]}

when this was succesfull send this command to your bulb


Now the default state of your bulb is turned off (not un-powered, just software-managed off).

I believe that that was where you were looking for.

I tried you solution for off light by default but i’m getting this error all the time.

echo -ne ‘{“id”:1,“method”:“set_power”,“params”:[“off”,“smooth”,500]}\r\n’ | nc -w1 55443

{“id”:(null), “error”:{“code”:-1, “message”:“invalid command”}}

also from telnet i get same error. How can i fix this?

Please remove all the backslashes in your command, since your string is already surrounded by ‘’.

Without backslash command executed successfuly. Then i enter second command {“id”:1,“method”:“set_default”,“params”:[]} and get nothing. Light turn on automaticaly if power off then on. How can i set it to start off?

Please use Yeelight app and goes to settings --> save default state

I can’t. When i press save on set default state i get: save failed.

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You can not save the default state as off.

This is the issue with using the bulb in an area with frequent power cuts. If these bulbs are installed in bedrooms and are switched on and off using a phone or aqara switch then after a power cut the bulb will return to the on state. For my personal use, this means the ceiling light in my sons bedroom will turn on in the middle of the night waking him up after a power cut!


any ideas how to recover (switched off) state after a power cut?

  1. Download “Yeelight” application.
  2. Find “Default State Upon Power” item from more page of the device. You can find more page by click top right corner button in control view of the device.
  3. Enable “Automatic State Recovery”.

This if useful for Yeelight wifi based device.

But If I don’t want the “default state” of “off” to be remembered? For exemple, I set the “automatic state recovery” so it keep my favorite color. If I turn it “off” within the application, the only way to set it “on” it’s within the app again. Would be nice if toggling the power switch light it up again.
Now, if my kid set it off within the app and I enter his room, I cannot switch it on unless I log into my cell phone ! Would be nice to have this option inside the app to choose what to do when the power is back !

We have done some optimization of “Default light” in our following wifi devices, there is an opinion of “Auto on upon power resumption”, if this is enable, the light will always on after power cycle.

Great, but what do you mean by “following wifi device”. In the next bulb or in a future app release ?

In next generation bulb.

Am I wrong if I said that originaly the default state of “off” was not saved and now it is? Because it was the original complaint with the power failure and the bulb light “on” by default. It is possible to have an option in the app to save or not the “off” state ?