Not possible to set yeelight as waking light

Hi, for 3 days now i trying to set 3 yeelight color bulbs as waking lights, but is seems to be not possible, your oficial apps are buggy half english half chineese, not work properly, functions are missing, i tried 3rd party apps such as tasker, yeti etc. but they dont work too, please add icon waking light as it is in bedside lamp in color bulbs app and add support for 3 bulbs used simultaneously, it is not hard

I do not have this problem but i do have the whole eco system and ai to do so. To make your task easier you can set up the automatic function if you have xiaomi home kit

i have only 3 bulbs and i dont want to buy somethig else, is where a way to make 3 bulbs color work as waking lights?

For this case you might have to use ifttt. It is a apps but your phone will need to be always at home with wifi available at all times