No share device option in yeelight app

Please add share device option in yeelight app like in mi home. Thanks

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I really hope we get this, because otherwise my flatmate can’t control the lights. The issue at the moment is that you can’t use other Xiaomi Products + Yeelight with IFTTT.

  • Yeelight app doesn’t allow device sharing
  • If you want to use IFTTT then you need to use Singapore Server.
  • Mi Home almost supports no devices on the Singapore server.

So it’s either no IFTTT or not being able to control other devices (a Huahuacaocao Flora Monitor in my case). Any info @weiwei?

Device sharing is under development.
China mainland server is extremely slow for IFTTT, sometimes some traffic got lost, so no plan to support it.
Mi home will support more and more devices in future, we are just running a bit faster than other companies.