Night mode for bulbs?

Hi everyone,
I currently have smart lights with another vendor however am looking at making the switch to Yeelight.

I thing I need to know before I purchase some color/white bulbs is do these bulbs have a night light mode?

This is one feature I find incredibly helpful with the other vendor as it allows us to have an extremely dim light in our babies room.

Do the Yeelight bulbs have something like this?



The bulbs have a favourites tab on the bottom of the app which allows you to chose the modes which you want. This then has the option for a night mode which turns the bulbs down to as low as possible and have a warm glow. I highly recommend the bulbs as they work well and will impress you!

Thanks Tom,
I assume the night mode is for the color bulbs only as it changes the color temperature as well as the brightness?

Yes only for colour bulbs, the white bulbs only produce one ‘version’ of white
so could not do this unless you are ok with a white light which is dimmed, this may not be as affective. The colour bulbs are also brilliant for toddlers as they can play around with the colours and will be fascinated by what it can do.

Hope this helped,


Hi @Tom1221, I just purchased some bulbs and notice the yeelight app has gone through a major overhaul.

Does the night mode scene still exist?

Yes, night mode is still available. New app will make it much easier for you to use them. Enjoy the new bulbs :slight_smile:

Thanks @Tom1221 .
How is night mode configured in the new app? Is it a scene that has to be configured yourself?

In the new app click the bulb you want and it will show you sunrise and sunset. Scroll down to find night mode