New YeeLight LED ceiling light? - in MiHome App

Hi Folks,

Just scrolled trough the MiHome APP under “Device” - “Add manually” and found a “new” Yeelight LED Ceiling Light next to the “old” Yeelight Ceiling Light.

Could you give us please some information about this lamp? Looking for another one for my room - so I’m very interested.


kind regards from Germany

We have developed several different types of ceiling lights recently, different sizes and different covers. The old one’s diameter is 320cm, the new one is 450cm and 650cm. The 650cm one has a background atmosphere light (RGB).

can you give us some preview pictures of this and other upcoming products? this would be great.

kind regards

I sub to a guy on YT that does Xiaomi videos. His latest mentions this new light and it looks pretty decent. Check it out here:

Thx for that link Johster!

Looks great… since I want to replace the “old” ceiling light - or put is somewhere else this will come in handy.

More information are appreciated :slight_smile:

kind regards Lukas