New Yeelight App? Downlight?

Hi, there was news saying that Yeelight App will have a big overhaul in July.
Any update for this?
Is there any plan for releasing smart downlight?

I am afraid we are kind of behind the schedule. Still working on it, day and night.

We are grateful and looking forward :slight_smile: If I may, couple of important things:

  • in widget, bulb icons could be shown as lit, like they are in main app (now it only says ON in text under the bulb)
  • LAN control, ofcourse
  • enable to set how often app should check (via LAN!) the status of bulbs, so the WIDGET responds to reality. Right now it is necessary always to refresh the widget! And it takes LONG TIME! So LAN control, LAN control… if possible :slight_smile: