New yeelight app beta test?

is there any beta testing for the next app release? can volunteer?

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I would volunteer as well :grinning:

me too!
based on feedback, looks like we’re going to see lot of new features that should be useful for most.

I would want to contribute as well.

Count me in as well, haha.

I’ve been lookin in at other forums and it looks as if the new update will come in July.

Yeelight has Beta channel in Play store, Maybe they will use it when it is ready for beta testing.

Thanks to all, you can add to a beta tester by

Got new beta, what is exactly new? Or only bug fixes.
Changelog says
1、Improve scene management
2、Bug fix and performance optimization.

What are the improvements to scene management?

Also you should update Play store description.
It now gives impression this app only works with Yeelight bedside lamp, talks only about bluetooth control etc.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, I have updated the change logs.

1、Support music flow for light group.
2、Support light group for Tasker.
3、Fix Android wear no device at first time in some cases.
4、Remove permanent notification of Push service over Android 7.0.
5、Bug fix and performance optimization.

updated to beta version but looks like it’s not the overhaul version yet. when that arrives then will provide feedbacks.
do you have a list of features to be added in the new app? then perhaps more suggestions could be added over time.

New Features to be included in the next app release:

  1. rearrange lights on app home screen
  2. Schedules & Timer for Group

New Features suggested but no decision/ETA yet:

Features considered but not under development, or not within yeelight’s area of control:

New version will be release very soon, which will include group music mode and some other significant improvement.

We are also working on Yeelight 3.0, which will include big change in both UI and functionalities.

Please stay tuned.

This sounds very promising :slight_smile: I hope this update will include minor (and not so minor) bug fixes. Otherwise, I already live my new lights. And in the rate things are improving, I think I’ll remain loyal and purchase more yeelight bulbs for other rooms in my house. I know my mom would find them very fun.

Great! Please consider to update the app launcher icon, the old one is pretty … old I guess.

UI change is very needed, hopefully there will be an option to exactly set brightness and temperature as a number value.

Trust me, I have the same feelings.

First of all thanks for these cool products that make our lifes more enjoyable
And then for this great forum
Where is flash/pulse mode in v3.0? I Need to add bedside for scene mode
Is there any support for movies scene light or not in v3.0 ?
Does V3.0 for ios realese ?
I bought these great products in Iran and just need more kind of them like yeelight strip & … that I couldnt find them here

I don’t think version 3.0 is out yet but they have added some nice features recently. The app does not need an update so just go into your app and go into the scenes, you will then find notification mode and candle mode has been added. This then will allow you to set it up with notifications in ifttt to trigger it.

Hope this helped,


I think shortcuts could be better. More customization with different color icons, labels etc. Now it is pretty hard to know what each shortcut does, since there is only 3 different icons and you can’t edit name of the shortcut and long names are cut off… (and most launchers won’t allow that afterwards)

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Also my suggestion to how “Flash notify” should work. Now it flashes and after that it goes to some default light mode.

I think it should work like this:

If the bulb is off it would flash couple of times and go back to off.

If bulb is 50%, it should flash couple of times and go back to 50%.

So it should always revert to state prior to flash notify.