New Yeelight App 3.0.06 android

My review:

  • Improved response speed of all the devices.

  • The spanish translation is near perfect.

  • Still unable to disable persistent notifications of the yeelight app like in the old 2.0 version. The option is missing.

  • The app also lacks the demo mode (also present in the old 2.0 version).

  • Mijia bedside Lamp 2 still not working correctly. Please release the new firmware with the fixes. The option to set the default light still not appearing.

Good job yeelight team. Have a nice day.


From What’s New on play store:

1、Data Separate in differents servers;
2、Add language support for German and Dutch;
3、Bug fix and performance optimization.

I wonder what exactly nr. 1 means?

Well it asked me to migrate data from US server to Singapore, even though I never have used US server.

As I’m in Europe, should I use US or Singapore server? Which is faster and do they support all the same services (Google, IFTTT, Alexa)?

EU server will be supported in next update. For now, you can choose either US or Singapore, they have the same ability.

Can I migrate from Chinese to Singapore?

Firmware updates are simultaneusly in all servers? Which one gets faster updates?

I have to tell that after the migration of the data (that they no exist in us server because i never used it) i had to re-set the scenes in all of my IFTTT applets. Was that normal? Basically after migration non of my applets worked until i bind the scenes again.

Still music flow not working for me on LG G5 with Android 7.0.

@dalanik @stunned @ntelas46

I want to make it clear of “Data Separate in differents servers”:

From Yeelight application, there are “Mainland China”,“Singapore” and “United States” (Will add EU server soon). You can select a server among them that you wish where your devices will be connected to. The server will store the information of device itself, such as device name, schedules and so on.

For Rooms, Scene, Favorites and Customized Scene you create from Yeelight application, Yeelight will handle it. In previous version, we only have two sever in China and US. We will store data to China if you select “Mainland China” in Yeelight app and store to US if you select “Singapore” and “United States”.

For now, Yeelight has server the same with servers shown in Yeelight app. If you select Singapore server before, we will store your own data to US. So according to Singapore law, for your security purpose we suggest our user to store all the data in local server.

I hope this can help you.

I’m sorry for some reason you have to modify your IFTTT applets.Before we separated data in different servers, we provide an unique identifier such as “14957” to IFTTT to represent a device or a scene. But now, In order to distinguish different servers,We have to append the server information to these identifier(such as “14957@us”).When you start your migration,your data in our servers were translation to the destination Server, but in you IFTTT applets it had’t change anything.Therefore you have to re-set your IFTTT applets to make “14957” to “14957@us” in IFTTT applets.

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They are sort of working after editing but IFTTT app says they fail or skip every time. Lights are going on and off though. I’m mainly using scenes.

Since the latest update none of my scenes work and when I try to set up new ones the app crashes.

Actually I can’t access customization either, the app just crashes

I guess that’s the old update problem… try to completely unnistall app and then reinstall it again!

That hasn’t helped.

I also don’t really understand why is I clear the app data and then reinstall the app it doesn’t require me to log in again?? Seems very strange.

Anyone got any idea what the problem is? It hasn’t resolved itself yet. Most annoying that I can’t access customizations or use scenes

Beside clearing data did you completely uninstall app?? It’s odd you don’t need to login again after that! I experience the same crash issue and solved it that way…

Hmm yeah, I’ve totally un-installed the app. I thought it was very strange that I didn’t have to log in.

Last time, I cleared the date, un-installed the app, turned off the phone and then wiped the phone cache and then re-installed. I was prompted to log in after this when opening the app for the first time but the problem persists.

In that case just reinstall the 3.03 version since i didn’t detect differences between these two versions…

Any plan if the smooth color flow will come back in future?

In next november Google requires API level 26. This app is still API 23 so there is still lots of updating to do.