New timer feature (sunset and sunrise time)

I’m really excited yeelight products - you are really doing good jobs guys!

Got an idea to extend the timer for new option.
Sunrise and sunset time calculated by location.

I want the schedule to run sunrise scene everyday at real sunset time. Now I need to manually enter hour and minute. Will be great if we’ll have an option to enter the location and the software will be doing a whole job :slight_smile:
Here are an eqations:

I think it will Increase the sunset and sunrise scenes potential.

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Hi, for the sunrise and sunset timer, I am not sure if they will have it later, but I am using IFTTT to make it possible.

Just use Weather Underground as trigger, it can toggle the light.

Just wait and keep our fingers crossed the next big update has this function.

Thank you for this awesome tip! I didnt know this app :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it’s not possible to set scenes :frowning:
Other options like turn off / turn on works fine.

Check out “Set Color” action.

Hi, Weiwei.
Thank you for the tips.

It is great but “Set Color” does not include saved favourite scenes.

It should include the saved colors, if the device type you selected doesn’t support that kind of colors, it won’t be shown to you.

Thanks for this tip! Work perfect!I can even use my saved scenes.

It’s better if it’s in the native app rather than going through 3rd party. Wemo has it in app and it’s pretty convenient.