New Python library and command-line client

Hello all,
I wrote a Python library to control YeeLight RGB bulbs:

I also wrote a command-line client to control the bulbs from the shell directly:


Hi Stavros,

Thanks! The library looks really elegant and is well documented! I believe it will definitely help some users to implement their own lighting control software.

Thanks again for your effort!


Thank you! Unfortunately I only have a YeeLight RGB bulb, but if you want to send me some of the other WiFi products, I can add support for them too.

We also have Yeelight white bulb and Yeelight LED strip that support the same kind of control protocol, however, we can’t do international shipment for now, but you can leave a mail address to us and we will give some to you once we figure out how to do oversea shipment.

hi Stavros,
I read your code in, and I have some problems quite confused, if you could you can show me somethings to make it clearly. I dont know meaning of bulb_ips and @funtion meaning ? Could you are patient to show me ? because I just learning python and I really understand your code ,then I can build my code to control yeelight by myself ! Thank you

does the library and cli client support yeelight ceiling led ?

hey i am having troubles using this can anyone help me here ?

I just downloaded your library, but when I import it on a script, it crash giving me this error: “cannot import name ‘Bulb’ from ‘yeelight’”. How can fix it?

i still don’t know how to use your document to connect my RGB bulb ,may I discuss it with you further more?