New Product: Yeelight Voice Assistant

There is a new product announced on XiaoMi MIDC IOT Event 2017.
Yeelight is going to launca Yeelight Voice Assistant device as shown in the picture below:

It worked as Bluetooth 5.0 gateway that can control any XiaoMi IoT products.

When will it be available?
Can we have more information about it?
Too excited to see this product.

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i saw this earlier too

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Thank you, I am too excited till I forgot to attach the link.

Wow, the news runs so fast. :grin:

You can think this as a Echo dot + Hue bridge.

Yeelight will release BLE mesh series next year and this voice-enabled device will act as the BLE mesh gateway with Alexa voice service inside for global market and Xiaomi AI inside for Chinese market.


Cool idea!!

I feel happy and sad at the same time.
BLE mesh can improve the connectivity of each light as each of the light can be used as repeater.
Basically there is no limitation for large house/mansion.

Sadly to say, I am using Google Home. :joy:

Wait, so will it be able to control Xiaomi smart home devices? Like wall plugs, air purifier? Also will it control yeelight lights on mi home app that’s on mainland server via Alexa?

I’m also curious about this.
Recently I bought the Google Home mini and unfortunately I needed to make an extra account with Singapore to voice control the Yeelight wifi Bedsidelamp and another bulb in the living room.

Will you make Google Assistant version of this? Google just released SDK

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Amazing, we will take a look at it. Thanks for sharing the information. :grinning:

@dingyichen When does the sale start?:kissing_heart: Do it support multi-language control?Could it work and control all of my xiaomi devices?Do I still need to choose the Singapore server for use if I have it? I can’t waitting.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yes, it is supposed to control all Yeelight and MIOT based smart devices.

Thanks for you reply:rose:.Do I still need to choose the Singapore server for use if I have it?:slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that you will release a Google assistant version as Alexa is really limited, Google assistant is available in much more countries than Alexa ^^