New modes

It will be great to add a new mode called moonlight and make the bulp dim and in moon’s color! Also i didnt find any other topics about modes so if anyone has a suggestion let the devs know our thoughts here!

There are some excellent features in the coming Yeelight 3.0.Stay tuned.

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We’re all ears.

Sorry If you already reply to this, but any ETD for this version 3.0, can you share some info?


At about middle of September.

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Top! And can you share more details/functions that will be available? Beside de support to new products :slight_smile:


I have an idea to add breathing mode on the new app. Is that possible?

We will release beta version for testing, will let you guys know when it is ready. BTW,it definitely will support new products made by Yeelight.

I think so, you can edit/add any mode you like.

There will be a big feature that allow you setup any mode you like. Any color, any duration, any repeat times, any combo of that, it’s your call!

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If you do something cool like that then it would be great if you also give the possibility to the users to somehow share their custom modes, for example an import/export xml or whatever :slight_smile:

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That’s our next step :grin:

You guys should definitely consider an API that allows 3rd party applications connect the bulb to the wifi.

Where can i try the Beta App?